Vegetables supplied from the sky to feed kangaroos in Australia

 Vegetables supplied from the sky  to feed kangaroos in Australia

The Government of Australian came up with a creative solution to supply food  for the survivors of bushfires in the forests. A decision was made to  sustain famished animals that survived the fire, and supply them with tones of vegetables specifically by utilizing helicopters.

A special campaign was developed in New South Wales National Parks which aims to feed the remaining population of marsupials in the forests. The sources confirm that over 2,2 tones of fresh vegetables were dropped from the sky as extra food for marsupials.

The Minister of Environment  of Australia, Matt Kean, stated in his recent interview that bushfires’ devastation destroyed the food supply chain by killing billions of animals residing in forests. So the authorities launch Operation Rock Wallaby which aims to help those who fled the blaze.

Not only wallabies were list as most impacted by the bushfires, but also koalas which might probably get listed as endangered. Not only the government was caring for the survived animals, but also local communities – people in the area opened their homes to wild animals. They were suppling food and makeshift for the habitat while others were covering medical expenses.

The Rock Wallaby Operation is certainly a small part as consequences of bushfires are indeed devastating – a large potion of wallabies now have to survive in ashes of a place which they used to call home some time ago.


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