This small mammal is absolutely stunning creature

 This small mammal is absolutely stunning creature

Here we meet the long-eared jerboa, a fantastic cross between a mouse, a hare and a wallaby!

Even though you might think that this mammal was born as a result of cross species breeding but not – it’s a rare breed! The species was discovered  a few years ago, when wildlife scientists managed to capture him on a camera for the first time ever.

This elusive mouse has the biggest ears in the world, compared to its size, which comprise the  2/3 of body length. The tail of the jerboa is also twice the length of the tiny body

Because of long and strong legs, the long-eared jerboa is able to jump quite high, which has reason behind – this mammal is insectivorous and high jumps help him catch insect in the Gobi desert

Big  ears are not only cute add-ons – they help to release heat.

Jerboas are nocturnal – active during the night and hiding in their tunnel dens during daytime.

The species was originally described in 2007 during an expedition led by the Zoological Society of London to Gobi Desert.

“As I peeked into the trap, my eyes were confronted by one of the oddest animals I had ever seen,” stated Dr. Jonathan Baillie, the expedition’s principal scientist. I couldn’t believe such a bizarre, delicate-looking creature could thrive in such a tough environment.”


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