The wandering dog of Minnesota

 The wandering dog of Minnesota

Larry LaVelle has adopted Bruno when he was very young.  Twelve years have passed since then, but Bruno still did not get use to having a constant family. He goes out every day and takes walks at least 4 miles far from his home.

He greets all locals in Longville, Minnesota visiting the ice-cream shop, city hall, library, and several grocery stores and office blocks where he is met with meat scraps.

The residents of Longville eventually grew accustomed to seeing Bruno strolling about, although before this they would call Larry just to say they found his dog 😊 Larry tried to explain multiple times that all his attempts of chaining Bruno were in vain. This dog simply loves taking long journeys and Larry can’t refuse him.

The locals have designed a wooden statue in the name of Bruno – he is now the beloved city dog of all inhabitants.

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