The unusual friend of a family dog

 The unusual friend of a family dog

Bailey has been living with her owner Arthur and his family since the day she was rescued by them in 2007. Before this Bailey has been used as a breeding mother – giving birth to litter after litter, which were soon taken out for sale. She had never, in fact, experienced, the delight of motherhood to the fullest. However, Bailey has recently proved that she’s still a great mother at heart. A few months ago, Arthur and his family moved to a countryside house and Bayley was with them.  The family noticed a little feral kitten around the house, so decided to leave food every evening for her. They did not suspect though that Bailey has already made friends with the little feline.

“Bailey was frequenting the backyard to check up on them,” said Arthur.

Bailey was having the feral kitten resting on her body surrounded by love and tenderness. She was undoubtedly feeling quite safe near Bailey.

“Bailey’s never befriended a feral animal before,” Arthur said. “It just goes to show how loving she is. She’s always been extremely sweet.”

Bailey’s family decided to welcome the little cat into their new house and named her Kitten-Kitten.

“Kitten-Kitten is now living inside with everybody,” Arthur said. “She follows Bailey around almost like a puppy. Safe to say she’s a part of the family now!”

As a result of this bond, Bailey was apparently able to stay a mom for good – something she was probably missing a lot. In her turn, Kitten – kitten found a warm house and a devoted companion for the rest of her life – so both got their second chance.  And both their hearts were healed.

“It just goes to show how loving both are and they just couldn’t be more content,” Arthur said.


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