The story of a very sociable dog, Potato!

 The story of a very sociable dog, Potato!

A gregarious dog named Potato greets each and every resident of her neighborhood on a regular basis. The dog’s owners told the Dodo that their pet had the demeanor of a door greeter at a supermarket.

Potato is a very sociable dog, and with a lack of attention, she becomes aggressive and offended when people who used to caress her ceased to pay due attention to her.

Therefore, the owners of the dog decided to hang a poster of the dog on the fence and, with the help of the inscription, increase the attention to the dog.

After the coronavirus pandemic, many people began to pay great attention to outdoor walks. Neighbors, who had previously been delighted with Potatoes, began to adore the cute dog. And there is no limit to the happiness of the dog – it has never received so much attention.

And strangers, having seen the poster, do not pass by the yard, without looking inside – maybe Potato is there!


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