The magical creature’s happy story

 The magical creature’s happy story

The truck driver was on his duty through the deserts of Namibia, where he stopped the car for a while at a parking lot. He went out off the car, walked around, and suddenly saw something bald, crawled and non-moving under the wheels. When the driver came closer and tried to touch it, it grunted weakly.

The animal was indeed much like an alien – bald, frightened and clawed. The driver immediately called a local wildlife shelter, the staff of which, headed by Dr. Erica de Jager, came to help. They have identified the creature as baby aardvark – charismatic creatures living in the forests of Namibia.

Their powerful claws are there to help them with feeding, because aardvarks feed on insects after they pierce the claw walls of termite mounds.

Aardvarks usually fall prey to larger predators, but in the shelter the small alien was safe and sound. After a while, under the guardianship of Erica and the shelter dog Zara, he developed quite good appetite!

A few months ago, when the aardvark grew up and gained enough strength he was released back into his natural habitat. All went well, but after a while he came back to visit Erica and the staff at the shelter and continues doing so every season. Kind deeds always pay back 😊

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