The flirting moment of two bobcats captured on a camera

 The flirting moment of two bobcats captured on a camera

Fantastic video was captured on a trap camera  located in the surroundings of Colorado by retired biology  teacher Robyn Sloan, who sets out cams to capture fascinating scenes of animals living around her home. She realized that the footage received from the camera was a special one.

So what was captured in the video?

Furry, singing suitors that won hearts immediately.

The video shows the moment when a beautiful male bobcat crosses paths with another charismatic female. The male bobcat starts singing his mating call to her to signal about his interest in further relationship. That signal apparently was well received by the female bobcat

“I didn’t believe what I was seeing,” Sloan said  “Sometimes you just get very lucky in where you place your camera.”

The camera’s timer stopped the recordings at the most interesting part, but the biologist suspects that wasn’t the end of the bobcats’ flirting.

“I think she probably did have kittens two months later [as the gestation period for bobcats lasts about 60 days],” Sloan said, adding that the male’s performance singing had some pretty high stakes. “She would have scratched his face off if she wasn’t receptive to his advances.”



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