The dog guides his blind peer every day

 The dog guides his blind peer every day

Bonnie is a blind dog, adopted Rushton Dog Rescue in the UK. She had had many challenges in her life

From being kept in an animal shelter in China, suffering numerous injuries and a terrible journey to England. She now spends every day with Wookie, her best friend, another dog of the family.

When she initially  was brought home by her foster mom Victoria Pombeiro, Wookie welcomed Bonnie warmly.

“He was incredibly gentle with her,” Pombeiro said. “It seemed as though he was aware that she needed some encouragement and now, Bonnie has a second chance”

It was incredible how Wookie was guiding Bonnie during their walks together – he is constantly there to lead Bonnie on walks, they take naps and play together all the time.

Recently, Bonnie, who had a dreadful fear of stairs at home, was guided by Wookie upstairs. Victoria was surprised.

“She had to work her way up to it,” she said “The bottom of our house is split level, and for the first few weeks she only lived on the ground level and made no effort to come up to the kitchen area.”

Pombeiro knew Bonnie would make an attempt at her own pace, so she didn’t push it. Additionally she had another companion right there to guide her.

Pombeiro said that after a while, “she’d go a couple of steps and then lose confidence and walk back down.”

Then, one day, when she had a friend paying a visit to her, they both went to the kitchen. Bonnie managed to run all the stairs up to see the guest. Wookie then run up and led Bonnie down the stairs as if he was trying to show her what to do.

Now that Bonnie has overcome her fear of the stairs, she goes up and down more often,, but her bog brother is always leading her way.

“The one thing she relies on is the bell we put on Wookie’s collar so she can hear where he is,” Pombeiro said. “She follows him around the house and sits right next to him — pretty much on top of him.”

“To have gone through everything she’s been through and still be so affectionate with both people and other dogs is just amazing,” Pombeiro said. “I can’t believe we were so worried about adopting a blind dog. She’s just such an inspiration and we’re so proud of her.”

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