The brown bear’s family story

 The brown bear’s family story

Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko from Moscow and their pet bear Stepan live a happy family life for 23 years now. They have met their unusual pet, who was then named Stepan, when he was 3 months old cub, left orphaned and found in the forest by the hunters. Since Stepan was helpless and quite week, the couple decided to adopt him and bring him home.

Stepan grew into  200kg, 7-foot stunning brown bear who still lives with the family.

His hobbies include watching TV  (with his humans) and….watering plants!

Stepan’s fav food is a can of condensed milk, although he eats as much as 25 kg of vegetables, fruits and other bear food on a daily basis.

“He loves people and is a sociable bear – despite what people might think, he is not aggressive at all. We have never been bitten by Stepan”,-says Svetlana.

Stepan was offered photoshoots and even made it to film industry a few times. However, he prefers playing football with his humans around the house.

This couple has factually proven that such odd friendship exists in our lives and they show this on their own example.


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