Siberian tiger cub makes friends with three German shepherds in a sanctuary

 Siberian tiger cub makes friends with three German shepherds in a sanctuary

Yveta Irsova is running a wildlife sanctuary in the far East of Russia since 1999. The mission of the sanctuary called “Oasis” is to rescue and save a population of endangered Siberian (Amur) tigers from extinction.

One of the visitors of the sanctuary, Lucia Zustakova, took the photos of a Siberian tiger and  three dogs, related German shepherds, playing cheerfully outdoors and posted online. She has then found out that Jenny, the dog and Suria, the tiger, grew up in the sanctuary since their birth. They were further joined by Blacky and Hugo, Jenny’s siblings.

Despite the believed animosity between felines & canines, these guys love spending time together and have never been seen hurting each other.

The sanctuary recently had an addition – Sunny. Born in the sanctuary and unexpectedly after a few months, she made friends with the pups just like Suria did.



The group is seen to have a daily playtime excitedly chasing each other.

“Suria plays with the dogs every day and they just love her”, – says Iveta.

“The dogs are almost the same age as Suria and have grown up together. They spend most of the time together.”

“They are really like siblings and play together all day long. They never hurt each other”,- adds Martin, a volunteer in the sanctuary.

Though such relations would most likely have fatal ending in the wild, in the Oasis sanctuary the friendship between tigers and dogs does apparently exist.

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