Rescued lions were thought to be euthanized, but fell in love

 Rescued lions were thought to be euthanized, but fell in love

The health conditions of both Kahn, male African lion and Sheila, white lioness, was miserable when they were rescued by Texas’ In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Education Center and transferred into a sanctuary.

Kahn was malnourished, thin, with his tail chewed off because of constant stress in captivity.

15 months old Sheila was looking even worse, she was so weak that she couldn’t stand on her feet, and she’s been vomiting all the time after her meals.

The vets have been arguing regarding the health conditions of the two lions, and considering euthanasia as an option. However the rescue team, lead by Vicky Keahey, the founder of the sanctuary, were not ready to give up so soon.

Vicky started hand-feeding Sheila, she’s been rolling up meatballs and pushing them down her throat. As for Kahn, he was quite friendly so it was easier to threat him and get him comfortable with his new surroundings.

A few months later, both slowly recovered and grew into beautiful grown lions. In the meanwhile, the construction of the new lion enclosure was finished. The way it was designed would have Kahn and Sheila living next door to each other.

The reaction of the couple was astonishing. It looked like love at first sight, “Sheila spent the next few months showing off for Kahn, and Kahn strutted his stuff for her”,- said Vicky.

The pair was allowed to date for 3 months, and though supervised, all went quite well. And after the rescue staff made sure the lions are doing great together, they were moved into the same enclosure.

Vicky says that she sees Sheila showing her fierce character to her man, Khan, emphasizing who the boss is in their new home 😊

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