Photoshoot with the largest white shark ever recorded

 Photoshoot with the largest white shark ever recorded

Ocean Ramsey and her team study sharks as part of their conservation work and help gather as much data as possible regarding these magnificent marine creatures to inform both the science and educate the society.

They were doing their research near the coast of Oahu, Hawaii, where they came across the largest in the world white shark calmly swimming in the deep waters.

The team spent considerable time studying the 20 ft female shark, as she’s been allowing to photograph her.  Interestingly, the shark showed up in a surprising way; she’s been brushing up against the boat, so that she got noticed.

“There is a theory that large females come here when they are possibly pregnant trailing whales,” Ramsey says.

They took many photos of the shark in waters and such photos showing humans interacting with sharks are a minor illustration of how One Ocean Diving would like the public to view sharks.

The population of white sharks is declining rapidly because of human activities and in particular because of lack of legislative basis protecting them in Hawaii.

“We hope these images and videos will spark a movement for more laws to protect sharks here in Hawaii and around the world.”,-says Ramsey.



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