Photos of a little bird having bath in absolute blast

 Photos of a little bird having bath in absolute blast

Carla Moore-Williams is a photographer and a wildlife enthusiast. As a bird lover, she has set up  a few feeding & bathing spaces in her backyard for the little birds that come over to her garden. There are many birds living around the photographer, so she created a safe haven where birds can hang out for a while which will also create some opportunities for her as a photographer.

One day, Carla saw a little bluebird stop by and decided to take some shots of him. She noticed the bird went to the bathing point, so she pulled out her photo camera to get some nice photos of her visitor.

“This particular bird is just one of a large population of eastern bluebirds we have, and I photograph them all every time the opportunity arises,” Moore-Williams said . “I love to photograph the bluebirds because they make me laugh, especially when they are soaking wet”

As the bird was containing his joy, Moore-Williams managed to get a few photos, but they didn’t turn out the way she imagined. She was looking for more elegant photos rather those she got. The photos seemed chaotic and a bit silly to Clara and still she shared her photos with her followers.

Contrary to her expectations, everyone quickly fell in love with them. The photos of the bluebird having fun bathing went viral and made people laugh.

“I thought the photos were terrible, but they made people laugh, and that was perfect,” Moore-Williams said.

Sometimes chaotic photos turn out to be the best shots, and with this particular bluebird Clara managed to snap very interesting & hilarious pictures.


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