Orthopedist from America prostheses for cats, camels and even elephants

 Orthopedist from America prostheses for cats, camels and even elephants

The person on the photo is American orthopedist Derrick Campana. To date, he has helped to more than 20 thousand animals, by constructing artificial limbs and braces specially made for them. In addition, he also records educational videos for veterinarians.

Initially, the man wanted to make prostheses for people, but one case changed his whole life. Derrick’s dog, a Labrador named Charles, has deeply injured his paw, and Derrick made a prosthesis for him. After this case, which had successful outcome, and Charles was moving like a normal dog would, Derrick started working for animals.

As early as 2005, Derrick established a company for animals called Animal Ortho Care prostheses. He makes prostheses for all species:  domesticated, wild, pets, zoo animals, etc. Over the years Derrick has gathered a huge client base He made prostheses for dogs, goats, foxes, camels, horses, gazelles, sheep and even elephants.

The doctor does not see the majority of his patients, as he is approached from different countries of the world.  He would send them a sample to take measurements and then receives the sample with all data back. Based on the data provided, Derrick was recently screened on the Animal Planet Channel in the TV program called “Heroes amongst us”. The program was telling the story of his two week stay in Arizona, followed by his travel to Africa, where he’s successfully installed the orthopedic fixator on the leg of Jabu the elephant.

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