« Nous sommes au septième ciel avec bonheur » : Robert De Niro a montré sa fille nouveau-née et déclassifié son prénom

 « Nous sommes au septième ciel avec bonheur » : Robert De Niro a montré sa fille nouveau-née et déclassifié son prénom

At the age of 79, Robert De Niro, the American actor, has become a father for the seventh time. He welcomed his seventh child with Tiffany Chen, a 45-year-old martial arts instructor. De Niro confirmed that they are now proud parents of a charming girl named Gia Virginia Chen-De Niro. The baby was born on April 6, weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces (3800 grams).

Despite his advanced age, De Niro feels energetic and unafraid of embracing fatherhood. He expressed his happiness during a phone interview on the CBS Mornings show, stating that the baby was planned and that both he and Tiffany desired a child. De Niro joyfully commented that they are overjoyed and “in seventh heaven.” The program’s host, Gail King, congratulated the couple, and a photo of the baby, provided by De Niro, was shown during the show. The picture depicted the actor holding his daughter, dressed in a pink striped jumpsuit, in his arms.

During an interview, De Niro surprised the public by revealing that he had just had a baby when asked about being the father of six children. His laconic response alluded to the recent addition to his family.
Gayle, the TV presenter, reproached De Niro, as she had interviewed him and Sebastian Maniscalco just the previous Saturday for their new film “About my father.” De Niro had not mentioned the birth of his child during that interview. De Niro explained that the topic wasn’t brought up and that when he was later asked about his six children, he simply corrected the number to seven. He expressed that at that moment, he didn’t want to exclude or neglect his newborn child. When Gayle asked if his children had ever found him embarrassing, De Niro replied humorously, saying they constantly did.

De Niro’s colleagues on his latest project were also taken aback by the news, just like the general public. Outside of his work on set, De Niro is known to be a reserved individual who dedicates most of his free time to his family. According to the Daily Mail, he had not informed anyone about his impending fatherhood.
De Niro and Tiffany first met in 2015 on the set of the film “The Intern” where she provided martial arts consultation to him and Anne Hathaway. Their romantic relationship began in 2021, and in March, the couple was spotted in New York, with loose-fitting clothing no longer able to conceal Tiffany’s pregnant belly. Recently, she was photographed walking with their baby.

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