New to science octopus named Adorabilis

 New to science octopus named Adorabilis

Marine biologists had just found a small octopus  deep in the waters and want to name her “Adorabilis,” which would be a totally suiting name  due to her appearance.

The researchers from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California were  thinking of  a few names  for the newly caught creature found at depths of up to 1,476 feet, because the octopus they discovered was undoubtedly the cutest octopus in the whole world.

As soon as  the photos of the newly discovered octopus were posted online, people fell in love with her and majority of the followers shared the opinion of the researchers – the mollusk needs to be called Adorabilis. The small creature has big puppy eyes, bright color, and tiny wing-like fins on her head. She looks like from a fairy tale and can be a very charming cartoon character, too!

Stephanie Bush, one of the researchers, stated, “I thought that since this animal is so cute, I should call it Adorabilis. I may appear to be a very sober, austere scientist, but I’m a human. She is so adorable”

With a small body reaching 7 inches in diameter, the cute octopus is not bigger than a human’s fist. The species was first discovered back in in 1990, but Dr. Bush is trying to differentiate it from other octopus species.

The video below gives more details about Adorabilis, so check out below;


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