Mother cat fosters abandoned squirrels

 Mother cat fosters abandoned squirrels

During one of the tree cutting works in the park, the employees of the state gardening center found a hollow in one of the old trees which was full of little squirrels. Soon it became clear that the mother of the babies had abandoned them as she did not show up for quite a long time. The staff members of the center brought the babies to the local zoo.

The  zoo employees were also astonished by the finding and firstly had no clue what to do with the hungry and squeaky babies. One of the employees came up with an idea to show them to a cat who has recently gave birth in the hope that she would adopt them.

The cat firstly looked grumpy at the finding – “kittens” looked quite strange to her! But after a while she started licking them and the zoo staff realized she would continue caring for them along with her own babies.

The squirrels successfully grew up together with the kittens and  this  incredible story was shared  throughout the city. Murka, the cat, instantly became a local celebrity – hero. Visitors poured into the Zoo to see both Murka and her adopted babies.  Murka’s kittens were demanded for adoption!

The Zoo staff says that there were times when Murka’s milk was not enough for everyone, so the employees had to hand feed the babies from time to time. The director of the Bakhchisaray Miniature Park, Viktor Zhilenko, says that under no circumstances will the baby squirrels be left unattended, they will be fed and taken good care of. After this hey will most likely stay in the  zoo’s park area.


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