Look at the hippo that enjoys being upside down!

 Look at the hippo that enjoys being upside down!

This hippo definitely knows how to really relax. He decided to take a belly-up pose for complete relaxation.

This massive animal was spotted by an amateur photographer Jakie Cilliers in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

Just imagine you are lying on the water, the sun is shining in your eyes and the fresh wind is gently blowing in your face – such a beautiful picture emerges. The hippo knows a lot about life!

The 52-year-old photographer was walking with his family when he accidentally spotted a hippopotamus in the water.

“At first it seemed to me that the hippopotamus was injured or sick, but after watching for a couple of minutes, I realized that the animal was just resting. The hippo seemed to enjoy being upside down”, the woman said.

The hippo dived and then again rose to the surface and remained in this position for a couple of minutes. The only parts of the body that were seen were the hippo’s pink tummy and nose!

It was interesting to watch an animal that knew how to spend free time properly.

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