Little girls shed tears after meeting their lost pet

 Little girls shed tears after meeting their lost pet

Two months have passed since Max disappeared near the pool where kids were having fun.

Max disappeared in the streets of San Antonio, Texas, quite suddenly and his family thought he was lost forever. They made all efforts to find the little pup; through announcements, postings, police alerts, active search in the neighborhood hoping that someone can find him and bring back home.

The little girls, Max’s owners were devastated to lose Max as he was their first pet.

Officer Perez, the Deputy of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, got a call that day about a small whitish dog wandering in the streets in desperate search of food, and rushed to the call destination.

She has recognized Max at once, as fliers about the missing dog were put all over the district, so rushed to call the dog’s family to tell them the pup was found safe & sound.

Max’s family was elated to see Max alive and could not believe the dog was found after two months in the neighboring district. The two little girls were so happy to see Max again that started crying tears of joy. Their reaction was priceless, and the Officer shared a series of touching photos showing the girls’ reunion with their missing dog on his FB account. The officer was feeling quite proud for the happy moments he shared with Max’s human sisters.

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