Jonathan is a 189 year old tortoise living a luxury life

 Jonathan is a 189 year old tortoise living a luxury life

In its majority, tortoises are known to outlive many terrestrial mammals.  These reptiles in average reach the age of 100 years depending on subspecies. The gentlemen posing in the photo has lived for about 2 centuries on this earth. He is a giant tortoise  recognized as the world’s longest-living terrestrial mammal. Jonathan was born in 1832 on the island of Saint Helena in Seychelles, where he continues living with the governor in the Plantation House.

The first camera photo of this beautiful creature was taken  as early as in 1886.

Despite his age, Jonathan is still active and quite playful, however veterinarians detected some signs of aging – his senses of sight and smell are  not as sharp as they used to say 50 years ago. Now Jonathan has to have a very strict diet sustain his health. Dr. Hollins assigned a special high-calorie food on a weekly basis to keep him fit and active

We’ve got the photo of Jonathan from 1902 and nowadays photo, which we post here.

There’s also a video of Jonathan enjoying his bath time in his home below;

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