How to care for a baby donkey

 How to care for a baby donkey

Donkeys belong to equine family, being domesticated by humans for as many as five thousand years ago.  Their ancestors, African wild asses, come from the wild and  still live in northern part of East Africa. Donkeys’ life expectation ranges between 30 and 50 years, and  those intelligent animals make  both good pets and can also be useful for agricultural purposes.

There is enough scientific evidence to prove that donkeys are sturdier than horses and even more intelligent. However their birth, baby care and other raising aspects should be taken into consideration as they radically differ from that of horses.

In those adorable photos you can see how warmly the mother donkey is looking at her newborn foal, who is trying to sustain himself on his feet .

So newborn donkeys should be watched carefully, to ensure they drink the milk, get the maternal care and move around. Usually foals stay close to their mother until

Before this they need to have a good shelter and warm place, free of winds and wet areas. Clean water should be prepared for all times, but some vets also advise having  dust baths.

Donkeys are also friendly creatures  that constantly crave for attention, especially when they’re young . It’s critical for them to receive love and care –  they’re similar to Golden Retrievers in this regard. They’re adorable, and you’ll most likely want one for yourself.

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