Homeless Koala shocked after losing her home

 Homeless Koala shocked after losing her home

Habitat destruction and isolation are the two factors that has devastating impact on the environment and biodiversity all over the world. With the needs of global population growing and urban settlements growing it is becoming more and more intense which drives thousands of animals extinct every day.

Recently the Gold Coast City Council, Australia has given permits for land clearing for industrial purposes followed by 680,000 hectares of forests cleared in Queensland in just 1 year.

This had its effect on the ecosystems and left numerous animals homeless, such as this lost and confused koala  pictured in the middle of a desert.

The animal was found by a volunteer and taken to the Wildcare Australia Inc Animal Rescue.

The medical examination showed that koala was injured, so  they took him to veterinary clinic for additional check ups. Koala was given a name  – Ash.

“This is a scene that truly upsets us since not only has Ash lost her home but hundreds of other species like birds, reptiles, kangaroos, wallabies, bandicoots, bats and echidnas all considered the region ‘home.’” said Wildcare Australia Inc.,  “During this enormous clearing activity, many of those creatures would have likely perished.”

Ash is now safe and well taken care of by the volunteers. He will eventually be taken to Currumbin Animal Sanctuary’s wildlife hospital for a comprehensive health check and if his health conditions allow, he might be released back to a habitat similar to his home, but this would be extremely difficult to find. Now Ash enjoys a bucket of fresh eucalyptus leaves every day, which she is consuming swiftly.

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