A German Shephard brought his friend Pit Bull when he realized that rescuers came for help

 A German Shephard brought his friend Pit Bull when he realized that rescuers came for help

A stray German Shepherd was spotted by people near the forest in Fort Wirth, Texas.

The dog was very frightened and ran into the forest at the sight of people. The animal was probably abandoned by the owners. The head of the local rescue organization, Judy learnt about the dog and came for rescue.

“The dog was very frightened, every sudden movement frightened him”, Judy said.

The woman has already rescued hundreds of frightened and abandoned dogs from the area. She knows that you need to be patient, because in order to establish contact with an animal, you need to let him know that he can trust you. The woman uses a soothing low voice and just talks to the dog.

“At first, the dog ran into the woods just by seeing me and my car,” says Judy. But Judy did not give up and every day came to feed the dog. For several days, Judy came and fed the dog. And one day, when she arrived at the same place, she saw that he was already waiting for her.

It became clear that the dog already trusted Judy. Dogs never forget those who feed them. Judy was surprised when the dog saw her and ran into the woods. The dog as if wanted to show Judy something. And in fact, in the forest, she found an abandoned and frightened pit beat with a scar on his face.

The dog, by its behavior, asked to take his friend as well. The woman could do nothing than take both dogs.

The German Shepherd was named Bos and the pit bull Clover. Judy took them both to the vet and luckily they were both healthy. This was a huge relief for Judy and she began looking for a foster family for them.

People should understand that they can’t just throw a pet out on the street. Domestic animals are used to domestic lifestyle and cannot survive without human help. People need to become a little more responsible.

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