Friendship with goose saves the dog’s life

 Friendship with goose saves the dog’s life

Rex is 11 year-old German shepherd dog, living in one of the local animal shelters in UK  and well – known for his aggressive character. After being transferred to this center Rex has been attacking every single individual that would dare to come an inch close to him. He has been showing aggressiveness towards every pet in the shelter, attacking both humans and his peers.

The medical prescription for such cases in animal shelters is always euthanasia, and Rex was supposed to wait for his turn.  Everything has changed instantly when a goose, named Geraldin joined the shelter.

It was astonishing how the two animals made friends immediately. Rex did not attack the goose and Geraldin came close to Rex, showing tenderness and love. The employees of the center said that they had the feeling these two knew each other for ages. The jealousy shown by Geraldin towards Vera, female German shepherd and Rex’s ex – girlfriend was also extremely interesting –  Geraldin would hiss at her every time she would try to approach Rex.

The unusual  bond formed between these two and the suddenly changed behavior of Rex combined with his calm temperature because of Geraldin’s presence persuaded the vets that Rex should not be put down and can live a happy life in the shelter along with her new friend.  Isn’t this story amazing?


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