Friendly bulldog jumps of joy when meeting police horse

 Friendly bulldog jumps of joy when meeting police horse

What could possibly be more adorable than two animals interacting each other in a lovely manner?

This little bulldog, with a name “Frenchie” was  taken around for a walk by his owner in New York, when he noticed a police horse on the street. To the surprise of his owner and without any hesitation the little dog rushed towards the horse.

He was starring at the horse in pure awe. After a while he started jumping and running around in sheer excitement.

While the dog couldn’t hide his excitement for no reason, the horse looked intrigued, yet amused.  He was in fact a police horse on a duty, so had to remain calm and professional.

He has however experienced  a few moments of interest towards the pup, which was immediately caught by the public on their phones and posted on the Internet.

“I saw this on my walk back to the office from lunch. It was a nice contrast to the perception everyone has of the NYPD in the area due to the Occupy Wall Street camp nearby,” the video description reads.

When seeing people gathering around him, Frenchie made a few attempts to befriend them, which made people fell in love with him. We have a video of this lovely scene bellow.

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