French bulldog adopts a puppy & becomes his mentor

 French bulldog adopts a puppy & becomes his mentor

It took a while until the French couple made a decision to take the 4 month-old bulldog pup home. All this time they were hesitating and thinking about their another bulldog, 11 year – old adult’s reaction to the new family member. They realized that if the elder companion did not like the little one, that could be a fatal decision for the pup. However, the couple decided to take the risk and took the pup home.

Surprisingly the adult bulldog greeted the little pup with immense warmness. The little bulldog did not know who to behave as it’s been his first time of seeing such a huge companion. The moment the two interacted was taken on a video, which went viral immediately. People could not have enough of watching the duo of these two adorable bulldogs, that made a fantastic bond.

Watch the video of the moment below:





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