Elephants are treated with classic music in Thailand sanctuary

 Elephants are treated with classic music in Thailand sanctuary

Elephants are possessing rich repertoire of acoustic signals, and this is well-known science fact. These huge herbivores are very vocal animals with good hearing capabilities and it was proven once again in one of Elephant sanctuaries located in Thailand.

Paul Barton, a pianist and wildlife lover, shared a few of his videos where he was playing classic music for the rescued elephants, such as classical pieces from Beethoven and Schumer.

This vocal therapy had healing effects for the majority of elephants living in a sanctuary called Elephants World, located on the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

Paul noticed that elephants were stopping by him while he was performing, so he made a decision to test a few classical pieces for them in the field.

Paul says that most of the elephants under rehabilitation course in the sanctuary have suffered many physical and mental injuries and now as they’re living their best life in this sanctuary, they can enjoy their day by listening to piano performances. Many of these giants were rescued from logging industry where they were forced to work in a world of darkness, but now they have the chance to enjoy classic performances in the comfort they were seeking for such a long period.

Below are a few videos shared by Paul where he performs for elephants:


Videos from internet:

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