Dog waits outside hospital for the sick owner

 Dog waits outside hospital for the sick owner

Sandra Iniesta was admitted for an urgent surgery on her appendix to a hospital Elda General a month ago. Never could she imagine that her Akita dog, Maya would not leave the hospital gates during the whole period of her stay. If the dog could, she would be right there at her best friend’s bed. So she’s been keeping the guard post.

The dog did not know much about the diagnosis of course, she juts knew her human was taken inside. So she would wait under her windows until she comes back.

Akitas are known for demonstrating boundless loyalty to their owners. Such was also the story about Japan Hachiko, in 1920’s, when the dog was waiting at the train station for his human to come back from home. Hachiko was later announced as the world’s most loyal dog and immortalized, along with his owner, with a statue unveiled at the University of Tokyo last year.

Maya was lying all day long waiting for her owner – in the meantime the hospital staff was feeding her and bringing water to comfort the stay of the most loyal dog breed in the world. She’s been there for days.


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