Dog passes out after reuniting with his family

 Dog passes out after reuniting with his family

It’s no secret that dogs are loyal creatures and they miss their humans deeply when they’re apart. They apparently feel the same emotions; get overwhelmed, excited, frustrated and offended.

The story with Casey, the Schnauzer dog, who met his owner, Rebecca, after two years of separation,  was one of the touching YouTube videos of 2020.

After moving to Slovenia for work, Rebecca had not seen Casey for two years and their reunion video was filmed by Rebecca’s parents in Pittsburg.

The heartwarming reaction of Casey, and his noisy, excited voices when seeing his human went viral on the Internet after the video was posted. Rebecca was also surprised with such a loving greeting of Casey as she’s been missing him deeply as well. The video hit all records, it had 50 million views within a short period of time, so we thought you might want to watch that breathtaking moment, too. Check it out.

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