Doberman adopts an orphaned kitten and nurses as her puppy

 Doberman adopts an orphaned kitten and nurses as her puppy

Brittany Callan owns a family of fourteen Dobermans living in her countryside house and six of them are the newborns of a single mom – Ruby.

A few days ago when Brittany was working in her garden, she heard weird meowing behind her garage and went to check the location.

Behind the garage she found abandoned kitten and thought that maybe the mother cat would return for her baby. After waiting for a few hours she realized that the kitten was purposefully abandoned and took her home.

Interestingly, Ruby has shown no signs of aggression towards the kitten.

Britanny wanted to feed the kitten and this is when she had the idea of putting her into the litter in the hope that maybe Ruby would nurse her and allow to get some of her milk. Newborn kittens need milk to survive, and thankfully Ruby was full of it. The introduction went surprisingly easy and smoothly.

Eventually Ruby  became attached to her new addition, and their relationship was getting warmer day by day.

Now  Ruby carries Ramblin’ Rose around in her mouth, just like her pup,  and often takes her away from her brothers, and lays her down on the safety of the couch.

“Ruby used to share the front car seat with a rabbit, and even cuddle with baby ducks in the yard. She’s just an extremely, extremely compassionate dog.” says Callan.

Despite their obvious differences, Ramblin’ Rose and her siblings cuddle and play together, living a happy life of a loving family under Ruby’s guidance.

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