Curious dolphin swims close to shore to see her dog

 Curious dolphin swims close to shore to see her dog

There have been many cases of interspecies friendships among wild and domesticated animals documented with photography and video. Dogs and cats and bonds of any other domesticated animals or pets happen quite often, however friendship between a dolphin and a dog have probably not been documented. Such moments have been recently shared by Anastasia Vinnikova on her Instagram account leaving people speechless. She has taken her furry friend, Patrick the dog, for an evening walk to Opuk beach, Crimea’s Black Sea cost, to enjoy the beautiful sunset when she noticed a group of dolphins swimming extremely close to the beach shore.  Little did she know that her dog would rush to the dolphin to play!

The incredible play continued for a couple of minutes, and the dolphin swam back into the sea. Patrick, the dog even touched the dolphin’s tail while chasing her in the waters.

The lovely scene was caught on a camera and shared by Anastasia on her Instagram page, and people just can’t get enough of it. Watch this incredible video here:


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