Bear cub finds a family and shelter in a Russian village

It was Monday when Nikolay was called by villagers to help them catch a bear cub who was wandering in the village in search of food. Nikolay took a closer look and realized the cub was severely malnourished, so he made a decision to take the tiny creature home.

After consulting with local authorities Nikolay understood that the cub is too young to live in the wild by himself, and the local Zoo did not accept him, so Nikolay had a decision to make: either put the innocent cub into sleep through euthanasia or release him back to the wild, which would ultimately lead to creature’s death as he had no skills to survive in nature alone.

Nikolay even made a few attempts to find the cubs mother in the nearby forest, accompanied by his friends from the village, but these attempts were made in vain. This is when he made a decision to provide a home with shelter and food to the cub in his own farm and keep Vasilisa – this is how he named her -as his unusual pet.

The local authorities were surprised by Nikolay’s decision, but did not hesitate to issue a passport for the bear cub to make sure she legally stays in the village.

Nikolay now plans to construct a big enclosure for his pet with all comforts and an observation point, where he could look after her when she grows up.

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