Baby elephant is in love with his orange bathtub

 Baby elephant is in love with his orange bathtub

Claus Jørgensen was on his holiday in Thailand when he decided to visit a local Elephant Sanctuary to pay a tribute to these magnificent terrestrial mammals. He knew that elephants are emotional,  placid, friendly, gregarious and affectionate with regards to humans. He made  a few videos of a baby elephant getting ready for a swim in his bathtub, which went viral in the Internet immediately.

The video starts when the little calf plunges  his head first into the tub excitedly  with his mother supporting him from behind. Then he finds his position uncomfortable in the bathing tub, but he does not want to give up on water procedures!

The third time he tries to submerge into the water and it finally happens! He gets so much fun kicking his legs and making the water splash everywhere.

After a short break, the baby elephant dives into the orange bathtub again – this time supported by two tourists.  It is obvious he is in love with water, just like any other child and enjoys his time in the sanctuary.


Videos from internet:

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