Abused dog finds home due to his charming character

 Abused dog finds home due to his charming character

Modern animal shelters play a vital role by putting continuous efforts to reunite pets with their owners, as well as find new homes for abandoned pets, yet their inhabitants are at times in desperate need of love and care.  Today’s story is about a shelter dog, who was so eager to find his family that extended his paw to every single visitor of the shelter.

Commonly shelter pets wait for their adoption time in their cages without displaying any extraordinary behavior. Yet, there are those that work hard to get visitors’ attention and increase their chance of being adopted by a family.


Ray is exactly such a dog, who worked really hard to get adopted as soon as he found himself in the shelter.  He lived for 12 months in the shelter and during this time was desperately trying to touch the hearts of every single human by extending his paw to them.

Ray was brought to the shelter because of human cruelty; he was thrown into the street and starved for many days.

Nonetheless,  Ray did not lose faith in human beings and struggled to reach out to every single visitor in desperate need of love, care and human warmth.

Ray’s perseverance paid off very soon: a man named Jerome passed by his cage and saw Ray extend his paw and look at him in desperate need of love. At that moment, Jerome realized he wouldn’t go home without Ray.

Now they are best friends, and Ray is a true family member. Jerome says that he still does not understand how was it possible to walk past such a charming dog.

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