A woman devotes her life to rescuing elephants

 A woman devotes her life to rescuing elephants

It’s a known fact that African Elephants are poached for their tusks and that this practice has led to drastic decrease of their quantities in the wild. Poachers never think of the fate of orphaned offspring’s of these huge terrestrial mammals and their fate is sometimes compromised.

Due to elephant sanctuaries though these abandoned young elephants find themselves in comfort under the care of humans. The devoted team of professionals in those sanctuaries do their best to ensure orphaned calves are being well taken care of. Eventually with the help of humans, those elephants slowly recover and get through all the sufferings they had to endure as a result of losing their families.

Dame Daphne Sheldrick is a woman with big heart who works currently for Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and rescues orphaned elephants. She has dedicated all her life to rescuing these extremely intellectual mammals. She has been here for forty years, and during those period she has successfully hand fed elephant calves by discovering the perfect milk formula for abandoned little calves. This substance perfectly resembles the mother elephant’s milk formula and Dame Daphne managed to raise many calves by using this milk.

She says that these were the elephants that inspired her to involve into conservation works, the wisdom of elephants and their characters taught her a lot during her career in the sanctuary. Elephants have been through so many negative experiences, but they managed to flip the page, and hope for the best. “Knowing the tragedies that elephants through and how they deal with it has made me a stronger person,” Dame says.

In this video you can see the special attitude of elephants towards their human,  who they spent so much time with, which means a lot.

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