A wolf makes best friends with a tiger cub in the sanctuary

 A wolf makes best friends with a tiger cub in the sanctuary

Normally canines and felines are enemies in the nature as they share same food sources and habitats.

In sanctuaries relationship usually have different outcomes, as frequently two different species appear in the same place and grow together.

Similar is the story of a  rescued wolf cub and a Bengal tiger cub in the Wildlife Sanctuary of South Carolina who grew together since they were two weeks old. Both are  at the start of their journey as animal ambassadors for T.I.G.E.R.S (The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species).

Now both are as old as 3 months old, and they still share the same milk formula developed for their age

At this stage, the wolf cub is heavier than his feline friend, weighing 25lbs.

The staff at T.I.G.E.R.S explains the difference;

“I am sure you know that even though the wolves are bigger at three months, after another five months it will be the tigers who will be able to push the wolves around. At the moment the tigers will have a size and weight disadvantage to their canine friends.”

In just five months, the Bengal tiger will weigh around 250lbs compared to the wolf  cub weighing around 180 lbs.

“Even though they spent months together, after reaching 8 months they will have to be separated. The size difference and species difference will become apparent.”

It is heart-warming to watch them now and to think that in a few months time that they will no longer be near to each other. Although sad now, they will enjoy their time together before separation.

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