A wolf cub adopted by a woman becomes her pet

 A wolf cub adopted by a woman becomes her pet

It happens frequently when newborn cubs get rejected by their mothers, especially when cubs are born in captivity. If this happens in nature, the cubs don’t survive as they do not have the skills necessary for their survival in the wild, but when such cubs are born in shelters or rescue centers, this might turn into totally different story. And it’s all about Kira’s story – a newborn wolf cub born to a mother without instincts in a rescue center. When Kira was  3-day-old, the mother refused to feed her, which would in its large sense, mean a death sentence for the tiny creature. But now Kira lives her life as a pet with a human family in a town. Check the story below to find out how it happened.

Alida, an animal lover, was working in the rescue center when she found out that Kira was doomed to death as she was rejected by her mother. She made a decision to adopt Kira and raise her like her pet , although, as a zoologist, she realized the threats and dangers, as well as the possible outcome of an attempt to domesticate a wolf.

She took Kira from the shelter when she was strong enough at her 28 days, hand fed and nurtured her.

After a while Kira grew into beautiful, smart & stubborn creature. Alida was taking Kira to long walks, introducing her to different animals (and people!), teaching her to study different smells, hear new sounds and feel comfortable in the human society. As wolves are very cautious canines, it took a while until Kira started feeling comfortable with people and in urban surroundings.

Now, with all difficulties behind, Kira lives with Alida and her seven – year-old son Bogdan. Living her best pet life surrounded by love and care. Alida says that people commonly get confused when seeing Kira walking in the streets with her, but most frequently they ask for photos with her.

Her Instagram account is full of Kira’s photos telling the incredible story of a wolf living in a city.


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