A man saves a lion and makes friends with him

 A man saves a lion and makes friends with him

Lions have been admired by ancient civilizations due to their strength, powerful appearance and nobility for centuries for a reason. Male lions usually weigh up to 500 -700 pounds and develop fierce character.

Despite all these biological facts, Frikkie Von Solms has raised a male lion cub since his birth as his friend and feline companion. He had vast experience of raising many felines during his life in South Africa  such as leopards and cheetahs, so when Zion was in need of help, Frikkie knew exactly what to do.

Now, after nearly a decade, Zion’s caretaker and Zion the lion have developed heartwarming relations, connected by love and respect.

Zion was refused by his mother lion shortly after his birth and this is when Frikkie came to help. He raised the cub as his own child – allowing him to sleep in his bed and feeding him from a bottle. After a short while, Zion grew into magnificent male lion, a real Jungle king.

Despite his powerful appearance, Zion behaves very gently. Frikkie trusts him completely as they spent 11 years together without any incidents.  Frikkie believes that Zion will never attack humans and has completely entrusted his life to Zion because he has witnessed his personality develop over the years.

The video below shares even more details about this amazing bond.

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