A goose raises 47 babies and all survive

 A goose raises 47 babies and all survive

During the Covid -19 pandemics, Mike Digout used to walk around the riverbank in his hometown and made photos of nature & surroundings. One day he noticed 47 eggs laid by a mother goose near the riverbank, assuming that half might probably not survive the incubation, and went on.

The next day the photographer noticed 25 newly hatched gosling with the mom and made photos of them. The day after the number reached 30 and in just another few days the number reached 47.

Mike was very surprised as he had not heard about gang brood – phenomena widespread in urban and suburban areas of towns. This is when female geese babysit the goslings of another mother, which allows the  mother to have some rest before her journey with all babies begins.  More about this amazing story in the video below:


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