A fox with rare condition captured on camera

 A fox with rare condition captured on camera

Biodiversity  never ceases to surprise when it’s about different species and populations. This colorful fox, with birth plumage is another magnificent creature of Mother Earth.

The typically red fur of a common fox, or red fox, in this case has a black stripe over it making them a wonderful sight to behold!

This gorgeous  fox, sometimes referred to as cross fox, has a distinctive look due to a rare condition known as melanism.

The condition is caused by the dominance of skin’s dark pigmentation. Majority of fox species with this condition are all black, but recently captured individual stands out due to the crossing of colors. Perhaps that’s why they’re so interesting.

Conservationists claim that cross foxes were roaming in the territory of North America in abundance, but poaching for their beautiful fur and skin in the twentieth century made their numbers decline significantly. Now these animals are considered endangered in the wild.

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