A four-year-old returns from forest with a weird friend

 A four-year-old returns from forest with a weird friend

Stephanie Brown and her four-year-old son live in the US state of Virginia. For the weekend they decided to go to a recreation center based in a forest. The boy was delighted and happy for this journey, so he started exploring the surroundings & running around.

Stephanie’s got shocked when she saw her son in the company of a new friend, he came with from the forest …

The boy came in with a wild deer. Not only the deer was not frightened but also agreed to participate in a small photoshoot. The woman published these photo-story on her social account and  got about 30 thousand likes and 40 thousand comments.

It was not a coincidence that Dominic was wearing a pajamas featuring the Christmas deer – Santa’s assistant, named Rudolf.

It took considerable efforts from Stephanie to explain later to her son that wild animals belong to the wild, so they need to let the deer go home. Finally Dominic agreed and accompanied the deer to the place where they first met.

“I stood and thought: “Come on, this is incredible, it can’t be true!, whereas Dominic was behaving as if nothing had happened, as if this was a completely normal situation. They were so friendly – they even moved in sync, ” she later posted on  her account.

Now Dominic dreams of returning to the recreation center so that he can meet his friend again.

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