A bear rescued by police officer to be united with family

 A bear rescued by police officer to be united with family

It’s usually advised by animal ecologists not to approach wild animals when they cross roads and especially when mothers cross roads with their cubs.

Despite this warning, Thomas Owens from Carrol Police Department, New Hampshire, risked his life, when he came across the bears family crossing the road.

He knew that about 5000 bears lived in the New England State and that he had to be cautious while on duty.

The police officer stopped the car when he saw a bear family crossing the road with three cubs. He noticed one of them lost his way in the bushes and left behind the family. The mother bear did not return for the cub, so the Officer called the local Fish & Wildlife service asking for help.

It was a big surprise for the Service to discover also the fifth bear cub in the bushes, unable to follow the whole family because of sickness, so both bears were taken to a local rehabilitation center.

The officer accompanied the Service to the center and took a few photos of brother bears.

The rehab center announced that the cubs will stay in the shelter for a few medical examinations, but will be released into the wild to reunite with the family as soon as they gain enough strength.

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